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Fat Boy's Thai Restaurant

The Fat Boy's concept was started a few years back in a small Chiswick cafe by Nicky Santichatsak. Originally a truckers cafe serving Thai food in the evening, Nicky's cuisine soon became such a success that she took over the cafe, changing its name to Fat Boy's Thai Restaurant (due to the original loyal customers being of the burly trucker type!).

Nicky now owns five Fat Boy's Restaurants and seven more exclusive Thai Restaurants around London in various sought after locations. The restaurants offer an eclectic mix of contemporary and traditional Thai dishes but manage to maintain their identities through branded menus, takeaway cards and advertising.

Origin 1 was recommended to Nicky for the quality of its service, design ideas and attention to detail. The original brief was to design a menu that could be adaptable for all 12 restaurants whilst also working with each restaurant identity. It had to include the facilities for the ever changing lunchtime and special menus as well as enabling restaurant staff to make economical updates of individual menu pages.

The Fat Boy's illustration was sketched and drawn by Alex Nicolaou who also came up with the unique design and upmarket presentation of the menus. Both the main menu and wine list were all handmade using carefully selected material to withstand the wear and tear of everyday use. Origin 1 is very proud of its attention to detail which ensures the spellings of over 100 Thai dishes are correct throughout!

Menu Design Reviewed by NS on "amazing branding company. intelligent, creative, professional and a very likeable team. very very pleased with all their work"
Rating: 5

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